We are a society paralyzed by fear.
The point is, you can only spout platitudes about civil rights, due process, and freedom-of-whatever before someone asks, “Are we going to do…
El Salvador wasn’t a concern for the Left until they started jailing criminals en masse.
I suppose when you live in the same country, there’s only so many places you can run away to before you discover everyone else, including the other…
All I can say is, not this s**t again!
Assimilation is happening. But it’s to a vastly different culture than we once might’ve expected people to assimilate to.
Live your best life at affordable prices while serving the cause of social justice at home. What could be sweeter?
In short, there’s no sign of a civil-military crisis here. But these aren’t normal times, either.
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Pedro L. Gonzalez
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Highly Respected
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We're Not At the End, But You Can See It From Here