The nature of anarcho-tyranny is total destruction of the social contract. Develop a small high-trust group external to the larger society and work together to destroy the larger society. Our social contract is dead, might is right. The state is the mightiest for now, but only at scale. A small group of armed men can act relatively extralegally. Anarcho-tyranny creates an offenders advantage.

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Mar 10, 2023Liked by Max Remington

I don’t know the full situation, but it seems like options were quite limited in St. Louis. If the witnesses were inside, they could perhaps get the shooter’s attention and locked the door. But who knows if it would have worked.

I have been instructed by my wife that I should not intervene in any dangerous situations I may come across when I venture into work. Brutal perhaps, but my obligations are to my wife and children, not strangers. And the reality is that, as we have less and less in common with each other, there is less incentive to take any risks for a stranger.

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